Postpone, procrastinate and prioritize

Hello All!

Happy Tuesday! Today, these 3 words – Postpone, Procrastinate & Prioritise seem to be the buzzword.

This is the end of the first quarter of the year. We are all busy with our datelines, meetings and boardroom deals. Business is picking up for the year and some of us are flexing our muscles to dig in and start the profits running. Thats the same too for us until we received news this morning that one of our associates suffered from an anxiety attack last week and is now on medication and resting at home. He is the sole breadwinner of the family. Wife is a home maker and is now very anxious about the family income. They have two teenagers still at junior high. Also a home loan and car loan in tow.

Of course profits are important. But at what cost?

With this dear colleague at the back of my mind, I decided to take stock of my life by making a list of the time spent on all these items. I then marked stars next to the items to rate the importance of the items. 5 stars for necessities, 4 stars for wants, 3 stars for entertainment, 2 stars for ‘you can live with it’ and 1 star for absolute time wasters. I then rearranged my items from ‘necessities’ to ‘absolute time wasters’. My list looked something like this:

1. God *****

2. Spouse*****

3. Parents *****

4. Children*****

5. A home to live in*****

6. Vehicles to take us from point A to point B*****

7. Health*****

8. Friends*****

9. Extended family members*****

10. Career*****

11. Ministry*****

12. Sleep*****

13. Exercise*****

14. Meals*****

15. Hobbies***

Next to the list, I added in an additional column to note the hours required of me each week. An additional third column was added for the actual hours that I am going to spend.

As you can see, I have a lot of necessities in life. Now, the question is, how do we juggle an 8 hour day or for worse a 20 hour day with the above? Good question!

These words came to my mind… Postpone, Procrastinate and Prioritise

I can’t wait to see how my hours will be like at the 3rd column at the end of the week and how I can justify spending a 1/2 hour telephone conversation with mum as a 5 star item on my list…

In short, how do I justify what I postpone, procrastinate and prioritise..

Wishing all a good week and stay healthy! Next week, lets explore my journey in postponing, procrastinating and prioritising my life for a week. Meanwhile, have a smell at the lovely roses…